Patrick Thrailkill founded Blokx Design LLC with an initial project of designing interiors for Piper Aircraft.  From these projects Patrick has branched Blokx into many categories stemming from his past working as an in house designer within large companies, as a member of a consultancy and an independent contractor.  Through past ties and new connections Patrick has created what he calls and open source design firm, where Blokx maintains relationships with a wide base of talented designers, engineers and artists that duck in and out of their wide range of design projects as their specialty is needed.



Our team of qualified, managed and focused specialists are located up and down the US east coast and through the Midwest and our global resources span Greece, India and Hungary.  Depending on the specific skills or creative package needed to get a design from Point A to point B, Blokx will work with any one of our domestic or global resources to get our clients to a successful product as efficiently as possible. Through our entire process Patrick and Lars are always the clients point of contact and provide their expert design and project management skills to the process all the way through.



Lars Fischer and Redfish Product Development have partnered with Blokx Design from the start.  Lars is an expert in the design process and a savvy designer with a wide range of B to B products and equipment under his belt.  Through a five year collaboration Blokx and Redfish have executed on the design and engineering of many product in the aerospace, medical and industrial markets to bring a huge amount of expertise to the table for our clients.  Did we mention that Lars is also a professor of Industrial Design?



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 A portion of the work that appears in this site was done under previous employment with TOMY International. These projects being displayed here do not imply that TOMY has engaged with Blokx Design LLC in a contractor client relationship for the design execution of these products.